The Process of Getting a Tattoo

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The Process of Getting a Tattoo

How does it feel to get a tattoo? How painful is it?

The pain of getting a tattoo is not constant over the entire process, but rather fluctuating in intensity. At the initial part of the process, it is typically considerably more painful, but after your body has adjusted by releasing natural pain inhibiting neurotransmitters, you will feel much better. The place where your tattoo is located will probably feel numb after a while. Pain may come back at times at different magnitudes, but it will not be constant.

Most of the time, particularly with a time-consuming tattoo, you will feel more pain at the end. After some time, you are beginning to get tired, and the levels of pain inhibitors start to decline. At this point, the destination is in sight - all you have to do is get there. If you are getting a simple tattoo, you may not even have to go through this part.

Focusing on something other than your tattoo is often pretty effective in distracting you from the pain, tiding you through until the experience is over. You could strike up a conversation with your artist, or concentrate on something else for a little while.

Your own mind is the major influencing factor when it comes to pain tolerance. How much you are able to control your awareness of getting inked will have a hand in how painful getting your tattoo is.

If you go in timid and unsure of whether you will be able to get through the experience, you are a lot less likely to be able to do so than if you go in overconfident and ready to get that tattoo. Put yourself in an undefeatable mindset - you cannot be beat! Pain is nothing.

Confident thinking makes a world of difference when it comes to getting through the session comfortably. You may even have a pretty good time in the end.

There are quite a few people who have depicted their experience as “enlightening,” or even “intoxicating.” The feeling of getting a tattoo can even be addicting, with many going back many times over for new inks.

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