How to Get a Tattoo That Fits You by tattoo in bangkok

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 How to Get a Tattoo That Fits You by tattoo in bangkok



You probably want in on it, too. But you’ve never gotten one before and you’ve got some questions on your mind - will it limit my job opportunities in the future? Will I change my mind about it later on?


That’s all very reasonable. Honestly, tattoos aren’t for everyone. That’s why we made this guide - so you can find out whether it’s for you.


Should I get a tattoo?
Most of us love getting new things. As soon as we’ve gotten a new pair of shoes, we rush to put it on. New phone? Show it off to your friends immediately. New things are great!


However, the difference between shoes and tattoos is that tattoos last a lot longer. You could get it removed if you eventually decided to, but the process is painful, expensive, and will never take your skin back to its original state. Accept it - tattoos are permanent. Two fears that most people pondering a tattoo eventually encounter is whether they’ll deteriorate with the years or whether they’ll limit the job market for them in the future, making them regret ever having one done. To answer the first question, yes, tattoos do fade. Your skin will age. That’s to be expected. However, most tattooed people do get touch-ups every few years to make sure their inks keep looking great. As long as you maintain your skin health, you should be alright.


Now let’s get to the second question. Will it limit your ability to get a job?
Well, the modern workplace is very different from what it used to be. Tattoos are a lot less taboo now, and many employers will not let it affect their decision to hire or not hire you.
You should be viewing a tattoo not as a current snapshot of who you are, but a reminder of who you used to be. You’re not the same person you were five years ago, and you won’t be the same person as you are today five years from now. It’ll be a mark on your skin to represent what you liked, what you were passionate about, what you wanted to remember some time ago.
You may not even care about nostalgia, and that’s fine. Perhaps you just want an art piece on your skin, or just think tattoos look great. Maybe you just lost a bet and want to keep up your end of the deal.
Whatever it is, the reason you are getting a tattoo shouldn’t be of anyone else’s concern. As you think about the design you want to put on your body, think of something you will love for a time to come. 

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